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Custom, hand made knives for hunters and collectors   

Custom handmade knives and high performance cutlery for hunters, collectors, and chefs

Michael H Mara   sales@radharcknives.com  

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This page contains some unusual, one of a kind knives. Some have been ones that I've made, just because, and some have been specific Customer designs. All my knives come with a Lifetime Guarantee. Call or email to arrange a commission or purchase.

Click on a photo to open a larger photo and description page in a new window. Scroll down the page to see more knives.


Hand forged kerambit

Thuya Tigerclaw


Damascus Curly Koa Hunter

Damascus Curly Koa Hunter


Ceremonial Dagger knife

The Inca Ceremonial Dagger


The Shark Tooth push dagger with sheath

The Shark Tooth


Hand forged Damascus letter opener

Snakeslitter Letter Opener


Hand forged Damascus Ulu

Ancient Ulu


Hand forged skinning knife

Forged Skinner


Ebony Ivory Ulu knife

Ebony Ivory Ulu


Mosaic Damascus Hunter

Mosaic Damascus Hunter


Hand Forged Damascus Sgian Dubh

Damascus Bone Sgian Dubh


Set of 6 custom steak knives with case

The Griffiths Steak Knives


The Veggie Battleaxe chef's knife

The Veggie Battleaxe


Damascus Ulu knife

Eccentric Ulu


The Pizza Wheel

The Pizza Wheel


The Paring Wizard chef's knife

The Paring Wizard


The Persuader chef's knife

The Persuader


Old Faithful chef's knife

Old Faithful


The Kitchen Demon chef's knife

The Kitchen Demon


Damascus Hunting Knife

Scandinavian Pakka Knife


Shamu Dubh Knife

Shamu Dubh


Curly Olive Ulu knife

Curly Olive Ulu


Damascus Ulu knife

Ergo Ulu


Hand forged Tomahawk

Raven Hawk


Afzelia Palm Hunter


Hand Forged Dagger Azteca

Dagger Azteca


Lace Damascus Bowie

Lace Damascus Bowie


Damascus and Anodized Niobium knife

Rainbow Warrior


Differentially hardened utility knife

Super Slicer


Custom hand made Scramasax

Damascus Scramasax


High performance hunting knife

Manzanita Skinner


Mini Damascus Bowie

Whisper Bowie

Harkonnen Toothpick Fantasy knife

Harkonnen Toothpick

Damascus Ulu knife

Rose Damascus Ulu


Walnut Ulu

Walnut Ulu


Rustic Sgian Dubh

Rustic Sgian Dubh


Tactical Sgian Dubh

Tactical Sgian Dubh


Forged Rendezvous Hunting Knife

Santee Push Dagger


Hand forged Tomahawk

Hammerhead Hawk


Hand forged skinning Knife

Viking Skinner


Ottawa Amboyna Skinner

Ottawa Amboyna Skinner


Curly Olive Butcher Knife

Curly Olive Butcher Knife


Des Plaines Skinner

Des Plaines Skinner


Frontier Steak Knife

Frontier Steak Knife


Hand forged Frontier Bowie Knife

Frontier Bowie Knife


Rendezvous Steak Knife

Rendezvous Steak Knife


Hand forged skinning Knife

Suregrip Snakeskinner


Unique, one of a kind hand made knives

Eucalyptus Burl Tactical Knife


The Phoenix Damascus Dagger

The Phoenix Dagger


Hand Forged Damascus Steak Knife

Rustic Damascus Steak Knife


Damascus Leather Jacket Knife with sheath

Damascus Leather Jacket Knife


Walnut Damascus hunting and skinning knife

Walnut Damascus Skinning Knife


Snakewood Damascus Bowie Knife

Snakewood Damascus Bowie Knife


Snakewood Damascus Camping and Hunting knife

Snakewood Damascus Camp Knife


Thuya Burl Damascus Bowie Knife

Thuya Burl Damascus Bowie Knife


Damascus Peachwood Large Skinning Knife

Peachwood Damascus Skinning Knife


Stag Damascus letter opener knife

Stag Damascus Letter Opener

Thuya Burl Damascus Letter Opener knife

Thuya Damascus Letter Opener


Upswept Tiger Hunter Utility Knife

Tiger Hunter Knife


Ladies Elegant Dagger

Ladies Dagger Knife


Cocobolo Executive Letter Opener

Cocobolo Executive Letter Opener


Flintknapped Prehistoric Hunting Knife

Neolithic Hunting Knife


Flintknapped Obsidian knife with deer antler handle

Neolithic Hunting Knife 2


Primitive Flintknapped Hunting Knives

Neolithic Utility Knives (2)


Primitive Flintknapped Knife with Ivory handle

Neolithic Serrated Knife


The Sidekick camp and kitchen knife

The Sidekick


Flintknapped glass and Whale bone primitive knife

Neolithic Steak Knife


Flintknapped folding knife

Neolithic Folding Knife


Flintknapped Obsidian Hunting Knife

Neolithic Hand Sickle Knife


Flintknapped glass and deer antler Primitive Knife

Neolithic Small Serrated Knife


Flintknapped Obsidian Humting Knife

Neolithic Scimitar Knife


Knapped Obsidian Sushi / Hunting knife

Neolithic Sushi Knife


Hand Knapped Obsidian Hunting Knife

Neolithic Serrated Tanto Knife


Hand Knapped Obsidian Blade Skinning Knife

Neolithic Small Game Skinner


Flintknapped Obsidian Hunting Bowie Knife

Neolithic Medium Bowie


Hand Knapped Obsidian blade knife

Neolithic Two Points Knife


Hand knapped Stone bladed meat cleaver

Neolithic Small Cleaver


Hand Forged Damascus Dagger

Medieval Damascus Dagger


Hand Forged Scramasax Knife

Hand Forged Scramasax


Roman Gladius Dagger knife

Gladius Dagger Knife


Hand forged high carbon steel hunting knife

Hand Forged Hunter Skinner


01 Steel, Bubinga, and Damascus Scramasax

Forged Bubinga Scramasax


Hand Forged Railroad Spike Knives

Railroad Spike Knives


Prehistoric replica Mastodon Hunting Knife

Neolithic Mastodon Hunting Knife


Dream Ulu knife

Dream Ulu


Chef's Scimitar high performance kitchen knife

The Chef's Scimitar


Excelsior Cook's knife

The Excelsior


Chef's high performance kitchen knife

The Super Chef's Knife


Palm-Olive letter Opener

Palm-Olive Letter Opener


Conestoga Bowie knife

The Conestoga Bowie


The Smallaxe Cleaver chef's knife

The Smallaxe Cleaver


Hand forged camp and skinning knife

Frontier Folder


Tactical Fighter knife

Ben's Homage Dagger


Ivory Damascus Hunter

Ivory Damascus Hunter


Superior hunting and camp knife

The Sidewinder


Damascus Santoku Chef's Knife

Zebra Santoku


Traditional SE Asian fighting knife

Black Locust Kerambit


Fancy Damascus Hunter

Sea and Sky Hunter


Shark Tooth 2 Push Dagger

Shark Tooth 2


High performance Kerambit knife

Olive Kerambit 

For my monolithic (single steel) knife blades I use the finest cutlery steels available (440C, 154CM, ATS34), with high carbon and high chromium contents, have over 60 of the highest quality exotic hardwoods from all over the world in stock, and hand forge many of my own Damascus blades. In the hand forged Damascus blades, I like to use unique materials such as chainsaw chain, steel cable, and pure nickel in the composition blend with 1095 and 15N20. Being of Scottish and Irish ancestry, I specialize in custom Sgian Dubh knives, starting with the traditional design, and venturing into creative realms with unusual woods and inlaid slices of stones. I am able to match various tartans, and can create a unique Sgian Dubh knife especially for you. A truly one of a kind knife.


Hunters      Utility / Chefs     Sgian Dubhs     Unique     Folders     Knife Terms

Michael H Mara   sales@radharcknives.com   (708) 969-2424

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