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Custom, hand made knives for hunters and collectors   

Custom handmade knives and high performance cutlery for hunters, collectors, and chefs

Michael H Mara  

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Here are some words and photos of folks that have either purchased my knives or received them as gifts. It's very gratifying when I hear about how much one of my creations means to someone.





This custom Damascus Scramasax was commissioned as a gift for a retiring commander in Federal Law Enforcement. Out of respect for his privacy, his name and location aren't shown. Here is the comment from the gentleman that commissioned it:

"He would not let us get too close with a camera as he was tearing up and did not want any proof that he has ever cried. Again sorry it took so long to get back to you with this. He loved it, by the way!"

Andy W, location withheld

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Custom hand made Scramasax

Damascus Scramasax




"Michael's knives are really beautiful in person, and I ended up bringing one home with me. Beautiful, clean, sleek, curved, very dangerously sexy. And it fits amazingly well in my hand, balances there perfectly.

It seems to transcend the surface to something primal. When I hold that knife I feel a part of myself that is deep and not very explored."


Alex Koiv, Pasadena, CA


Kitchen knives, hunting knives, handmade knives

Afzelia Palm Hunter

Custom hand made folding knives

Lapis Thuya Folder

"Hi Michael. Just got the two knives, and they are both beautiful. Worth every penny. The workmanship and detail in both the knives and the sheaths reflect your talent and attention to quality and detail. My wife loves the feel and quality of her knife. I love the wood and balance of my knife. Also, the Celtic sheath is perfect. Looks great with my kilt. Thanks once again and it was absolutely worth the wait. Hope to do business with you again in the future. Sincerely, Michael James"

Michael James, Boothbay Harbor, ME

"On a recent hunting trip to Colorado and Wyoming, I had the opportunity to use the hunter and skinner knives I purchased from Michael on a deer and two antelope I took. They performed extremely well. Besides being beautifully made, the fit, finish, and functionality of his knives are top notch."


Frank Tarpley, Santa Margarita, CA 

Hunting and skinning knives

Forged Rendezvous Hunting Knife

Santee Push Dagger

"The Santee Push Dagger arrived and I've been showing it around. No one has ever seen anything like it. I collect knives, and yours is amazing. It will have a prized place in my collection. Beautiful work, thank you very much."

Jimmie Meek, Shawnee, OK



"I just received the custom Bowie knife that I'd ordered, and it's fantastic. I simply gave Michael a few basic guidelines as to what I wanted, and let him run with it, creatively. I love the knife, it fits my hand perfectly, and the finish and balance of it is superb."


Dwayne R. Burbach, Atascadero, CA

Top quality, high performance cutlery


Rosewood high performance Cook's knife

Rosewood Chef's Knife    

"The chef knife that Michael custom made for me is absolutely gorgeous. As a working chef, I use it daily and it feels like an extension of my hand."

Chef Jane Cherry, Tucson, AZ


"I really like the way it fits in my hand and stays sharp. It is always the first knife that I go to. Itís a treat to be able to use something everyday that someone made by hand. As always your craftsmanship is impeccable!"

Sue Novick, Chicago, IL

Snakewood Utility Paring Knife

Snakewood Paring Knife

Custom handmade knives satisfied customers

"I was given one of Michaelís knives as a gift for Christmas in 2004 and will never forget it! His design and craftsmanship speak for themselves. This is an exquisite piece of heirloom art to be passed on for generations.

Michael, your knife is the most beautiful thing I have ever had the luck to own. Your pictures, although great, cannot do the real thing justice. The wood, the turquoise, the spacers, everything blends together so well it is incredible. And the whole knife, sheath, etc. looks like it was all born together.Ē

Don Ziblis, Plainfield, IL



Michael H Mara   (708)  969-2424    

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