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Custom, hand made knives for hunters and collectors   

Custom handmade knives and high performance cutlery for hunters, collectors, and chefs

Michael H Mara  

(708) 969-2424


Here are the knives. Some are sold, and some are currently available, as described in the captions. I can duplicate a sold knife, or work with you to create a custom piece. Lead time for custom orders is currently 6 to 8 weeks.

All my knives come with a Lifetime Guarantee. Call or email to arrange a commission or purchase.

  The Medieval Kitchen Knives

This is a new line of knives that I created, with the idea of making an ancient-looking, unique and one of a kind, high-performance kitchen knife. It's something of a departure from my usual work, in that I hand forged every blade as closely to final shape as possible, and left that as-forged finish on them. Most of the blades are simpler (low-alloy, high carbon) steels that will take and hold a fantastic edge, but must be maintained like any high carbon steel knife. Having little if any Chromium in them, you simply hand wash them after use and oil them, with Olive oil or similar, to prevent rust or corrosion. These are knives that would be equally at home in the kitchen, at the Renfaire, or in the dungeon, should you find yourself having an impromptu Spanish Inquisition and needing to coerce a confession out of your local heretic. Are they chefs' knives, or Medieval torture devices? Or both? All frivolity aside, you will find these to be some of the finest knives you've ever owned, they will take and hold a superior edge, and work very well for their intended purposes, whatever they may be. Plus, there's the 'WOW, where in the HELL did you get THAT?' factor when your friends visit and see them in action. Click on the thumbnails below to be taken to the knife pages, with photos, descriptions, and pricing.


The Persuader chef's knife

The Persuader


Dream Ulu knife

Dream Ulu


The Pizza Wheel

The Pizza Wheel


The Veggie Battleaxe chef's knife

The Veggie Battleaxe


Chef's Scimitar high performance kitchen knife

The Chef's Scimitar


The Smallaxe Cleaver chef's knife

The Smallaxe Cleaver


Chef's high performance kitchen knife

The Super Chef's Knife


The Kitchen Demon chef's knife

The Kitchen Demon


Old Faithful chef's knife

Old Faithful


Damascus Ulu knife

Eccentric Ulu


Excelsior Cook's knife

The Excelsior

Damascus Ulu knife

Ergo Ulu


The Paring Wizard chef's knife

The Paring Wizard




Michael H Mara   (708) 969-2424

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