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Here are the knives. Some are sold, and some are currently available, as described in the captions. I can duplicate a sold knife, or work with you to create a custom piece. Lead time for custom orders is currently 6 to 8 weeks.

All my knives come with a Lifetime Guarantee. Call or email to arrange a commission or purchase.


Classic Sgian Dubh               


Classic Sgian Dubh Knife @2011 Michael H. Mara

This Sgian Dubh has a 3 1/2 dagger point, flat ground, 440C blade, hardened to HRC 60, with traditional spine grooves and fuller. The handle is Bog Oak that I imported from Loch Ness, Scotland. It's European White Oak that fell into the peat bog and sat there, soaking, for several thousand years. The Bog Oak is inlaid with Birdseye Maple and Bloodwood, to match the Sillitoe tartan on the traditional Scottish Glengarry hat*, Nickel silver inlaid with Ivory, with an Ivory pommel and Garnet set in the end, 7-5/8" OAL.  Includes hand tooled leather sheath. $391. SOLD

*In 1932 Percy Sillitoe, the Chief Constable of the City of Glasgow Police, abolished the traditional custodian helmet and added a new feature to the peaked caps worn by his police officers. This new feature was a black and white chequered cap band based on the dicings seen on the glengarry headresses of the Scottish regiments. The diced band, popularly known as the Sillitoe Tartan, later spread to police forces in Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of the United Kingdom, as well as to some other parts of the world, notably Chicago. 

Pics of the sheath:

The front view, sheathed:

The rear view, sheathed:

Some process pics. The components, ready for assembly:

Test fitting before assembly:

Assembled mechanically, as well as filled with epoxy, for double-sturdy construction:

Detail of the screw-on pommel and Garnet pin:

The pommel, completed:

Detail of the blade/handle transition:


Michael H Mara   (708) 969-2424

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